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>>/b/459 >>440
>>/b/458 make internet furry again!
>>/b/456 hi rozelli
>>/b/455 the deer fear the queer beer
>>/b/454 >>448
>>/b/453 i'm a little shota, short and stout this is my handle, and this is my spout
>>/b/452 trust me, i'm a doctor
>>/b/451 i'm scared it will bite me
>>/b/450 >>449 LOL!
>>/b/448 >>445
>>/b/447 >>444 se lepää
>>/b/446 >>445 LOL!
>>/b/445 something happened
>>/b/444 me rate
>>/b/443 mew mew
>>/b/441 imma fixin to shrink all ur balls XD
>>/b/440 It's time for your Windows update, frendo.
>>/b/439 These 3 fellows took the MicroVax. Will you be next?
>>/b/438 We definitely won't do this, ever.
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